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Get Me to The Abbey
SKU: 9781955656283

Chosen as one of the Great Reads of 2023 by Madison Magazine, Get Me to The Abbey explores alcoholism and recovery through the eyes of a middle-aged Midwesterner who is forced to give up her favorite pastime — drinking. After a harrowing week in the hospital and with the love and support of her sisters, the self-proclaimed “Avelleyra Girls,” Lisa ends up at an abbey turned residential treatment facility in Iowa where a diverse group of men help to frame her recovery. Mischief and college basketball relieve the weight of soul-baring testimony. After leaving The Abbey, Lisa adjusts to life without drinking, returns to work, and cultivates support in her Alcoholics Anonymous community. She is reunited with her Abbey cohorts by a heartbreaking tragedy. Click "Read More" tab and under image, excerpts are available.
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