March Road Trip

Abalabix Books

A warm and engaged audience.

Another special weekend of book events in Wisconsin and Illinois, a meet & greet in Kenosha at Blue House Books then a reading/signing in Crystal Lake at Abalabix Books. The events were coordinated by lifelong friend Susan Hackett whose delightful companionship enhanced the weekend. I just love all these independent bookstores.

Jenna just happened into the store and left with a signed copy.
Paige asked really thoughtful questions.
Susan, her husband John and friend Caroline.....

Blue House Books

Nice setup in front of the window.
Downtown Kenosha, a.k.a K-Town

Although store traffic was slow (it snowed!), online purchases were steady with an in-person sale near the end. A couple of Susan's friends, Roni and Julie, stopped by and we had a lovely visit. Roni has a striking resemblance to Kristin Scott Thomas but we forgot to take any photos.

                            Susan enjoying the cozy ambience.
Diana and Casey